Candace LintAbout 10 minutes after U.S. Marshal’s vehicle stealer Candace Lint was captured Thursday morning in southwest Cedar Rapids, I got a call from her mother, Pauline. She wanted to let me know that Candace and her boyfriend, Tony Westmoreland, who also has an interesting criminal history and has apparently been hiding her from police, were arrested. She hopes her daughter will learn her lesson soon. Pretty sure that stealing a government vehicle that usually holds all kinds of fun radio equipment and even firearms (although they are secured) is something that could put you in the pen.

Interesting side note: When I asked the Marshal’s Service what was in the vehicle Lint stole, they “wouldn’t comment on the contents.” But nothing was missing, they said.

Lint started getting in trouble when she was a young teenager for various burglaries, court records show. Westmoreland’s best known offense was leading police on a car chase through southeast Cedar Rapids on Jan. 26 and being found hiding behind a church. No more information on the couples’ arrests was released by the Marshal’s Service on Thursday.

Here’s an e-mail regarding Lint that I got from a reader in Ogden:

Boy, this 19 yr old Lint woman is dangerous! It’s not a matter of growing-up. It’s a matter of protecting the Iowa Citizens & Law Enforcement. I would of shot her on site, if I was a cop. She’s dangerous! You won’t hear the last of her.