Judges all over the nation get letters from jail inmates who want to change lawyers, file a motion or even just try to explain their side of the story. They are then placed in the person’s file. In the “Jail Mail” category, I’ll share some snippets from the best of Linn County courts with you.

First up is Quincy Franklin, 21, of southeast Cedar Rapids, who is accused of attempting to rob a man walking near 15th Street and First Avenue SE in January. He wants the judge to withdraw a motion to waive his right to a speedy trial — the waiver would give his lawyer more time to prepare for the case, but it would also mean he’d spend more time behind bars.

“I’m a li worrior confident to fight and beat my case to the end Even if I have to die a thousand deaths because my case is week and false I’m not Guilty.” Franklin wrote. “These people have no evidence or witnesses to convict me or say I’m Guilty. If they wonna spend Money taking a no-case to trial I’m Ready to Roll and stump with the Big Dogs and Bark like Scooby. I Have the Love of Jesus in my Heart to win victory…”