I got a call Wednesday afternoon from Molly Denum, a 53-year-old southwest Cedar Rapids woman whose dog was hit by a passing motorist around 4 a.m. She was clearly upset with the situation, and it made her wonder about the state of society.

Nigel, a 3-year-old standard poodle, shouldn’t have run out in the street, she said. That was his fault. The dog is black, and it was dark outside. But Nigel weighs 61 pounds. A driver hits an animal weighing as much as a 3rd-grade child and doesn’t even stop to see what happened? The impact even knocked a piece of the car’s bumper off, she said.

Nigel was knocked unconscious. Molly ran outside in her pyjamas and bare feet to try to bring him back to the house, but she said he was too heavy for her. She hurt her back and fell in the middle of Wilson Avenue. She could see cars were coming, so she stayed there hoping to protect her dog from being hit again. None of them stopped, either.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was in the middle of the road with a big black dog on my lap and no one would stop to help me,” she said. “Nobody seemed to care. I mean, people won’t stop for anything now. I could see it maybe if I were out there by myself and I was drunk, but I just needed help.”

Eventually her son came outside and they got Nigel to the vet. He was very lucky to only receive a concussion and a gash on one leg, she said. But should anyone have stopped to help Molly? Obviously safety is a concern on busy roads, but what if it had been a child who was hit instead of her dog (and her dog, she said, is like a child to her)? What do you think?