Semi crashes off of Interstate 380 bridge

 This semi cab crashed off the Interstate 380 northbound bridge over First Avenue W about 3 p.m. Police said the roads were slick from rain and sand. The driver lost control around the curve and rammed through the railing, and the cab fell 40 feet to the ground. Miraculously, the man walked out of the wreckage with minor injuries, but he was still taken to a hospital for observation.

Officials spent the afternoon trying to soak up the diesel fuel that spilled all over the interstate and the grass with kitty litter and picking up random debris. NOTE: That silver barrel-looking object to the right of the crushed truck cab was the fuel tank.

A little less than a year ago, a semi struck a guardrail in nearly the same location but in the southbound lanes. Pieces of the cab fell to the ground, but the truck stayed on the interstate. It was also raining at the time.