Yeah, I don’t know what I’d do. Probably cry. A lot.

When Gail Coleman got the call that her house at 100 Wilson Ave. SW was on fire, she was running errands with her 2-year-old son, Austin. He just got tubes put in his ears at the doctor, she said. They weren’t gone that long. What could have happened? “Everything was plugged in right, the toaster, the microwave…I wasn’t cooking anything…it wasn’t a cigarette because we don’t smoke in the house…I don’t know what happened!” she said as she went over and over the possibilities. Luckily, their 13-year-old son was at school, and her husband, Andrew, was also out.

Gail and Austin Coleman

She stood outside in the street clutching Austin in her arms, watching the firemen climbing around while Andrew went to get their van. Now the Colemans have to find somewhere else to stay for a little while, at least until their kitchen is fixed up. After a little while, Andrew asked Gail if she wanted a cigarette. “No, I’m all right.” Just shaken up.

(Photo: Courtney Sargent/The Gazette)