I actually played a very small role in the coverage of the woman and her four children found dead in Iowa City on Monday. We had three Iowa City bureau reporters, three photographers and two editors who spent a majority of their day making sure The Gazette had the latest information to present about the murders in an accurate and fair manner. I was assigned to write a related story, which hasn’t been printed yet.

When these things happen, they are so shocking to the community, so tragic to the family involved, that we as journalists have to take a step back and realize the impact our coverage will have on not only those close to the victims but the entire region. It requires a quick mind to connect the dots and a kind heart full of respect and sympathy — both of which my colleagues who are working on the story have in abundance. That’s why The Gazette has the most complete coverage, to give the community a fuller picture of the events unfolding in front of them.

It’s also why Jennifer Hemmingsen and Gregg Hennigan were interview by national media about what they knew. I hope to bring you more Tuesday about how they are covering the evolving story of the Sueppel family’s deaths. Let me know what you want to see.