Seriously, who would steal from a church? You’d think perhaps you’d be struck down in a mighty flash of God’s wrath or something.

Well, 27-year-old Jeremy M. Deal didn’t care about that when he allegedly stole an elderly woman’s purse from the coatroom at Calvary Baptist Church, 5338 Johnson Ave. NW, earlier this month. He thought he’d use some of her stolen checks at Hy-Vee and other businesses around town. But he got caught this weekend. Getting arrested doesn’t quite scream “righteous revenge” like an instant death, but then again he might suffer a little more for it.

People burglarize churches every once in a while. A few weeks before Christmas last year, St. James Methodist Church, 1430 Ellis Blvd. NW, reported it had a safe and its contents worth $400 stolen. But just remember, would-be thieves — God is watching. And maybe a camera, too!