1417 Fifth Ave. SE

Police tracked Illinois fugitive Javon Dockery here last week. To strengthen their case for a search warrant for the home, they searched through trash bags outside to find evidence of drugs inside the home, owned by 37-year-old Delinda Morgan. Once inside, they got what they were looking for — and more.

Delinda Morgan Delinda Morgan

Obviously, they found Javon (although they’re still not sure how he knows them. My guess is the Morgans are relatives of the Morgans from South Holland, Ill.). They found evidence of drugs, according to the filed search warrant return. They found Delinda’s son, 17-year-old De Reginald, who court records say apparently hasn’t been to school for most of the school year. And they found out De Reginald was the one who was shot in the foot earlier that week — not his cousin.

Neither Delinda and De Reginald are strangers to law enforcement. Our archives indicate Delinda was stabbed during a fight 15 years ago and has been convicted on numerous assault charges, as well as one of selling cocaine. De Reginald has been in the Juvenile Court system since he was at least 13 years old, adjudicated for (among other offenses) pinning down a 14-year-old girl and feeling her up while being in her house without permission. 

Regardless, his grandmother called me today to bring up the fact that he wasn’t arrested on warrants for all the crimes listed in the article. They were actually warrants for probation violation on those charges since he hasn’t been to school. He’s now in the Linn County Juvenile Detention Center. I wrote a clarification for Tuesday’s paper.

Despite the charges filed by police against the home’s occupants, neighbors don’t think it’ll stop the trouble they cause. My guess is there are dozens more stories like this out there…