Apparently there HAVE been other food fights in Cedar Rapids schools over the past 20 years — just nothing that would have brought the kind of attention this last one at Jefferson did. Former Cedar Rapids resident and 1995 Kennedy High School grad Scott Hougland e-mailed me to let me know that he participated in a food fight at Kennedy back in the early 1990s and was punished by having to eat lunch in the principal’s office for a few weeks. Here’s his response when I asked him what happened:

“Not sure. I just remember I went to the snack station and tossed some ho hos.”

His punishment pales in comparison to the disorderly conduct charges eight organizers of the Jefferson fight are facing.

It wasn’t like they were trying to make a point or social statement, either. From what I was told by Principal Chuck McDonnell, the teens — mostly girls — organized the fight as a way to “send off” one of their friends who was moving away. If they’re this good at organizing people to do their dirty work already, I can see a bright future for these girls in politics…