Accused of calling in a bogus pizza order last Thursday in order to rob the delivery driver, Kenneth Jimmerson got more than he bargained for.

Des Moines Pizza Hut Driver James Spiers said Jimmerson put a gun to his head and demanded cash as he walked up to the apartment complex to deliver the pizza about 10 p.m. But Spiers grabbed that gun and whipped out his own, shooting Jimmerson three times as he ran away.

Yeah, it’s not fun being robbed, and it does happen to pizza delivery drivers a few times a year in the Cedar Rapids area. But whether they are trying to get you to give up your money with a gun, a knife or their own fist, don’t you just think it’s best to give it to them and get the heck out of there? What if Spiers hadn’t been able to grab the guy’s gun? Is just giving him $20 to $50 of someone else’s money worth possibly getting shot?

Read what Spiers had to say about the robbery here. He has been suspended from his job until the police “sort everything out” because company policies prohibit drivers from carrying a gun while on the job, even though he had a permit to carry one. One Republican state senator from Urbandale has said he would boycott Pizza Hut if they fire him because he should have the right to defend himself.

Obviously I hate guns and don’t think anyone needs them, but I’m a little impractical. However, I’m pretty sure if I thought my delivery driver had one on him or her to “protect themselves,” I wouldn’t be comfortable interacting with that person. What do you all think about this situation?

UPDATE: If you want to let Pizza Hut know how you feel about their suspension of the driver, call the corporate customer feedback line at 1-800-948-8488 or visit their Web site to leave online feedback.