It seems Jessica Mikarovski, 23, of 110 Harbet Ave. NW, Apt. 5, is a common denominator in two serious assaults that occurred this year in Wellington Heights — even though the incidents aren’t connected, police said.

In late January, 38-year-old Nathaniel Thompson was shot outside her then-residence at 520 Cobban Ct. SE. Last week, she was arrested for attacking Jeremy Frazier, 21, with a knife inside a car in the 400 block of 16th Street SE.

Police had no updates on the Thompson shooting for me, except that he’s now out of the hospital. No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Frazier has also been released from the hospital.

Other than this assault and another minor one, courts records reveal she has been convicted of disorderly conduct and small-time theft. And that’s all, folks.

UPDATE: A charge of disorderly conduct for the fight in the car was filed Monday against Jeremy Frazier, so police obviously must feel he had a hand in the whole situation.