Pizza Hut delivery man James Spiers is apparently still traumatized by his run-in with a would-be robber in Des Moines. I’d be skeptical of that, except guns ARE frightening — especially when they’re pointed at your head.

It’s a good thing that this incident is making people talk about the right to carry a concealed handgun. I don’t think that carrying a gun is necessary to protect yourself, but other people do. That’s all fine and dandy. But it’s purely speculation if you think shooting the robber was the only way he would have gotten out of that alive. It’s still speculation if you think it wasn’t. The case is what it is.

I respect Spiers’ right to carry a gun, but that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable with it, or that I even need to be as long as my next pizza delivery person doesn’t threaten me with a Glock for not tipping them well. It’s a free country. I think that approach would work well for a lot of other hot-topic issues, too…ahem.