Here are some quick updates on what’s happening with juveniles involved in Wellington Heights fights and assaults:

Remember the group of boys who allegedly attacked 24-year-old Alexander Morwood near Third Avenue and 15th Street SE on Jan. 10? They broke his jaw, and he was hospitalized for surgery. The oldest of the group members, Xavier Hicks, will be 18 on April 29. His case was transferred to adult court, where he is facing a felony charge of willful injury and a misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury. He is set to go to trial June 9. Two other boys involved — Maxwell Woods, 17, and Tracy Traylor, 15, both admitted to juvenile charges of assault causing bodily injury and were placed in residential treatment. Another boy’s file was closed.

Another boy accused of involvement in the March 30 brouhaha in the 1600 block of Second Avenue SE has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct — Gabriel D. Taylor, 15, of 420 15th St. SE. Police said Taylor was screaming obscenities, trying to incite a fight and threatening police officers attempting to break things up. I haven’t seen any formal charges filed yet against the boy originally arrested, Jahmal Ginger. It sounded like the bunch of people with sticks and shovels showed up at his house to start the fight, so it probably wasn’t his fault…

And, last but not least, 15-year-old Damia Cungtion is accused in juvenile court of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon for using a baseball bat to bash another girl’s head March 22 outside of Cungtion’s home at 1417 Fifth Ave. SE. BTW, that is the home of Delinda Morgan, where Chicago-area murder suspect Javon Dockery was arrested two days before this assault.

Other than that, the neighborhood’s beautiful as always!