James Patterson already had a patchy criminal history of petty theft and burglary when he started checking DVDs out of the Marion Public Library earlier this year — and stopped returning them. After two months, the 20-year-old now owes more than $400 in overdue fines there, and the staff banned him from checking out any more. Now Marion police say he’s resorted to stealing them, and they served a search warrant at his residence to prove it.

In the application for the search warrant, police said library staff reported seeing Patterson carry nearly 20 movies from the DVD section over two days in mid-April and taking them to the children’s section, where he broke the cases with a knife and took the DVD inside. A police officer caught him in the act the second time.

He’s being charged with fourth-degree theft. Take that! Maybe now I’ll finally get to rent that copy of “Red Dawn” I’ve been waiting for…