For those of you interested in knowing all the sordid details of scandalous crimes, here’s a short timeline of how Daniel Dostart and Jamie Mortimer fell in love, then fell apart. Eventually, he wanted her dead.

May 1983 — Daniel Dostart and Jamie Mortimer graduate from Waterloo East High

April 1984 — Dostart joins the U.S. Air Force

September 1986 — Dostart and Mortimer marry, eventually move to New Mexico

February 1990 — First child, Alexa, born

February 1992 — Last child, Aaron, born

1994 — The Dostart’s buy a house in Davenport

2002-2003 — Daniel Dostart is twice officially commended for his recruiting efforts

January 2004 — Daniel Dostart files for divorce, Jamie is awarded custody of the children and nearly 40 percent of Daniel’s military pension in addition to child support

March 2004 — Daniel Dostart and Tamara Beltramea sign contract to buy home at 205 16th Ave. Ct. in Hiawatha

July 2004 — Jamie Dostart files for temporary protection from domestic abuse and is granted temporary custody of their children

August 2004 — Protective order dismissed

January 2005 — Daniel Dostart retires from the Air Force in rank of Master Sergeant

April 2005 — The Dostart’s divorce proceedings are completed

July 2005 — Daniel Dostart marries Beltramea, the two later move into their Hiawatha home with her two children

February 2006 — Jamie Dostart marries Gary Kluever, the two settle in Bettendorf with Alexa and Aaron Dostart

May 2006 — Daniel Dostart’s appeal in the divorce proceedings is heard in the Iowa District Court of Appeals, arguments between the two on credit card payments owed continue into 2007

July 14 — Daniel Dostart calls a friend in Idaho and asks if he knows anyone who would kill his ex-wife

July 15 — Dostart’s friend calls Hiawatha police to tell them of Dostart’s plan

July 17 — Police follow Dostart as he drives around Bettendorf to find Jamie Dostart Kluever’s home and workplace

July 18 — Dostart mails the friend a key to Jamie Dostart Kluever’s car, a copy of an expired driver’s license with Jamie’s photo on it and a hand-drawn map to her workplace.

July 21 — A federal arrest warrant is issued for Dostart, he appears in court for the first time the next day