Just like apparently more than 10 percent of people STILL think Barack Obama is a Muslim/terrorist sympathizer, the rumor that Ronald Kitch meant to cause the wreck that tipped over the WindStar bus near Tama last week is baloney. Well, at least from what I can find.

Kitch, 79, simply doesn’t remember what happened, said Iowa State Patrol Trooper Eric Vanderwiel. He did not intentionally cross the center line, for suicidal or other purposes. It was purely accidental.

“I heard that rumor before I even got there,” Vanderwiel said. “I don’t know who started it, but it’s wrong.”

Things that are true are that Kitch’s house was slightly flooded, and he goes to the casino several times a week. At any rate, if I’ve learned anything in life, it’s this: People will believe what they want to believe, and hear what they want to hear.