“Bomb threats” happen more than you think, according to Cedar Rapids police. Latest case in point: Late Friday afternoon, a call came in to BioLife Plasma Services threatening to blow up the building. The plasma center, at 5949 Council St. NE, called in the report to police.

But apparently nothing came of it. Officers told them to call back if anything suspicious happened and they didn’t, according to police reports. The call came in about three hours before closing time, but BioLife officials haven’t returned messages requesting information on whether they evacuated the building.

Most likely they didn’t. A bomb threat called into the Blairs Ferry Road Wal-Mart earlier this year was also not a cause for concern among managers there after some precursory checking. But it’s sad that people would so frequently make these calls, apparently as a joke, resulting in the threats not being taken seriously. I mean, they are taken seriously at schools, but what is going to happen if an attack happens at a local business and no one did anything to take precautions?