Today I talked to former CR council member Dale Todd, also a long-time Wellington Heights resident, and he brought up a pretty obvious point that I should have tried to clarify in my story about no witnesses coming forward in Hurt’s death — Why give information to the police if you don’t feel like they will protect you afterward?

There are crack deals happening in the Second Avenue/15th Street corridor, Todd said. There are prostitutes. The police should see this stuff happening, he said, it’s so out in the open. So why are they still letting it happen? And if they’re letting that stuff happen, how can anyone believe the police will put a stop to vandalism and worse retaliation against you if you share information on a murder?

It’s true that some of the people who live here and are affected by criminal activity aren’t saints themselves. But even fallen angels deserve the same protection as everyone else. We are, after all, created equal.