Salena Glover, 24, was fired Thursday night from her dancing job at Dancers Ranch after an argument, police said. She apparently returned later with a hammer to drive her point home and bashed out another dancer’s windshield.

Glover, of Cedar Rapids, is being charged with second-degree criminal mischief for the incident in the strip club’s parking lot at 3000 Sixth St. SW. The other dancer, Nicole Prevail, was not present when the bashing occurred, police said.

Too bad police didn’t write down their work aliases. Then you could probably check them out on the club’s Web site…the girls’ photos and schedules are included. Hmph.

Dancers Ranch has earned its reputation as the “dive joint” of Cedar Rapids’ night life (that reputation is backed up by online reviews, mind you — I wouldn’t know *rolls eyes*). Last September, a stripper nearly bit the end of another dancer’s finger off during an argument there. Just FYI.