Bob Rush, a lawyer at Rush & Nicholson PLC in Cedar Rapids, sent this e-mail to ONE friend at another law firm on Tuesday morning:

I have word from the CRPD, that they, in conjunction with other local and state enforcement agencies are going to begin a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on I 380 speeding. This move is based on adherence to traffic laws on 380 going out of control and the large number of accidents occurring within the Cedar Rapids corporate limits on 380.

I was asked to give everyone here a “heads up” and a reminder there is no such thing as an “allowable” 5 mph over the limit. As I understand the plans for the enforcement, those going more than 1 mph over the limit may be subject to being stopped. Although it is likely they would only receive a warning, a traffic stop can cause a considerable delay and immeasurable frustration if you are already running late or in a hurry.


By noon, the e-mail had circulated through the in-boxes of dozens of local businesses, including Wells Fargo Bank and Rockwell Collins.

Rush said a “reliable source,” in some e-mails apparently referred to as a son-in-law who is a police officer, told him about this zero tolerance policy. Although CRPD spokeswoman Sgt. Cristy Hamblin denied a “policy” existed, she didn’t deny they are participating in stepped-up enforcement, which made him happy.

“When I started to hear back from people all over the place thanking me for the warning, I thought, ‘Holy cow, who’s passing my message around town,'” Rush said. “But this has got to be a pretty effective way of getting people to slow down. You can bet anyone on 380 is slowing down, and police don’t even need to be there. Pretty savvy, huh?”

Police were, though, having a bit of a speed trap going today on the straightaway between First Street N and Wilson Avenue SW. When I drove by about 1 p.m., there were three or four cars stopping people. When I came back through a half hour later, they were gone.