My parents drove 5 hours Saturday morning to spend the weekend with me here. They were sleeping soundly on my futon that night when about 2:30 a.m. my dad hears this really loud pounding outside my living room window. He looks out the window, and there is this car sitting in the alley behind my house on Second Avenue SE. A woman standing outside it was carrying on and leaning on the car while beating on it. He sees the car back up into a nearby parking lot, and as it starts driving away he sees this woman laying on the ground, screaming and crying.

He thought the car ran over her, so he got up to call police. But before he could do that, two fire trucks, an ambulance and some police officers whizzed into the alley to take care of the situation. My dad, ever the vigilant watchman and helpful citizen, decided he’d go downstairs to tell police what he saw.

I watched as he told the officers what he saw, and another witness came over. I found out later my dad’s and the other witness’ testimony were a little different. Apparently she just slid off the side of the car and fell when it drove away. They still took the woman off on a gurney.

Police said she is Donya Fleetwood, 23, of Cedar Rapids, and that she said she was run over. But she was also walking around when the ambulance arrived. So, whatever. And that was our excitement for the weekend.