Near the heart of Wellington Heights recently, residents have been telling me their car and house windows are getting broken. Funny thing, though — some of them who try to report the vandalism to police are getting little response. I saw in the police call logs at least one call Sunday from a resident in the 300 block of 16th Street SE that was listed as “handled by officer.” That same person said in an e-mail that two rocks were thrown through their bedroom window.

To be fair, they are taking notes on the suspicious fires that keep happening around here. But that’s vandalism, and the police didn’t take a report. Nor have they issued any kind of “warning” about what’s happening.

Now today, the police department issues a vandalism alert for residents in the area of Ashford Drive NE. Basically, it’s the same stuff that’s happening. What gives? Is it just because this is a more affluent neighborhood? Anyone have any other thoughts?

UPDATE: The next day police issued a vandalism alert for the 1800 block of Washington Avenue SE for stuff that happened that week. It didn’t include any of the stuff I talked about from the week before, though. Boy, that just must mean there’s a lot of it going on.