There is a man, whose name I don’t have, who’s been creepin’ all over town.

I got this e-mail from an editor, who got it today from an observant reader:

We have several SE side parents in our department and we got to discussing the guy known by Washington High School students as the “creeper.” He’s a man in his 20s with his face painted white, wearing a long black trench coat.


 Apparently he was hanging around Washington this week when several teams were practicing. The story goes that he eventually yelled at security “I’m going to kill you,” and he was taken down. Police were called and he was taken away.


 This, of course, is all second hand. I will say that I saw him loitering at a strip mall on Collins Road Sunday, staring into cell phone store. I drove by an hour later, and he was still there. This week I spotted him walking across the Rockwell Collins parking lot.Kind of a scary Halloween story.



The Cedar Rapids Police Department agrees. Sgt. Brian Been said Thursday that their officers are aware that this guy is hanging around, although he was not arrested — he WAS given a warning that if he is found trespassing near Washington again he will be arrested. He said the man hasn’t done anything except be creepy, basically.

“Halloween really brings the characters out,” Been joked. Let’s just hope “The Creeper” stops being so creepy soon…