UPDATE: Brian Gardner won with roughly two-thirds of the vote. Start yer commentin on this here blog! What do you think will go right? Go wrong? Did we make the right decision?

I’m covering the outcome of the Linn County Sheriff’s race tonight. The stakes are high, as you all should know — whoever wins this election will likely be in office for a long time and could have a heavy impact on issues like more liberal issuance of concealed gun permits, the creation (or not) of a joint emergency communications center, tracking sex offenders, etc.

I’ll be at Westdale Mall watching the results come in tonight. Democratic sheriff’s candidate Brian Gardner will be there with some of his supporters. Republican candidate Dave Zahn will be at home with his family.

Who should you vote for? Well, The Gazette editorial board endorsed Gardner. But I’m not the Gazette editorial board. You should consider all the facts. Everything that’s out there, in our articles or in our public comment sections, is actually true.

They’re both nice guys, so make a conscientious decision. Just make a choice! GO VOTE!