I came to The Gazette in September 2007 from my hometown of Sioux City, Iowa, where I also covered the public safety beat for the Sioux City Journal. I’m very passionate about serving the community, and I want my reporting to do the same. Whether it’s telling you about a fire that happened this afternoon or letting you know what’s going wrong (and right!) inside your local law enforcement agencies, I’m here to serve you. What do YOU want to know? E-mail me your questions and concerns at alicia.ebaugh@gazettecommunications.com.

A little bit more about me — I graduated from Iowa State as a journalism major in 2005. I love to curl up and read a good book, any kind, really. My favorite authors are Truman Capote, Margaret Atwood, John Irving, Flannery O’Connor and Kurt Vonnegut (I’m all about ee cummings, too). Some other interests include hanging out with police officers, playing video games related to law enforcement (read: Grand Theft Auto), napping, singing Italian and German opera, the First Amendment, being outdoors in any weather, and playing Scrabble.


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