It would have ruined mine, too…read about the sexcapade between two Iowa fans at the Metrodome this weekend here. It’s the best story I’ve seen on the subject.

Sorry we didn’t bring this to you, although I don’t know what happened with this story on our end. I was assigned to look into it Tuesday night and I couldn’t reach anyone who could tell me anything, so I left a note for the daysiders to take care of it. You win some, you lose some, I suppose. Clearly, these two lost even though they scored.


The story of poor Tara Sloan is enough to make me never want to date again.

The 29-year-old Cedar Rapids woman was called, e-mailed, text messaged and otherwise harrassed by her ex-boyfriend, Guy F. McDonald of Platte City, Mo., dozens of times between July and September, Cedar Rapids Police investigator Justin DeMoss reported in court documents. Several of the 42-year-old man’s e-mails detailed some of her daily activities, like receiving a massage, visiting a hair salon and having a doctor’s appointment. Two warrants were issued for his arrest, but he never came to Cedar Rapids to have them served on him.

Around 11:30 p.m. Oct. 18, though, McDonald’s harrassment of Sloan took a sinister turn. Police were called to Sloan’s house at 3622 E Ave. NW because he was trying to break down her front door.

Sloan and her boyfriend, Dane Harris, told police they were inside the house when they started hearing the doorknob jiggling. McDonald had a key and unlocked the door, but was stopped by a chain lock. Harris confronted the man with a baseball bat and tackled him in the front yard, holding him there until police arrived.

In McDonald’s car, police found a gun, ammunition, duct tape, a police scanner, flashlights, gloves, a spotting scope, binoculars, computer printouts, a GPS and a digital camera. You can just imagine what he was planning to do. Now THAT’S scary.

Police are examining two flash drives found in the man’s pocket, as well as the camera and his cell phone, for evidence of stalking to see if more charges can be filed.

Salena Glover, 24, was fired Thursday night from her dancing job at Dancers Ranch after an argument, police said. She apparently returned later with a hammer to drive her point home and bashed out another dancer’s windshield.

Glover, of Cedar Rapids, is being charged with second-degree criminal mischief for the incident in the strip club’s parking lot at 3000 Sixth St. SW. The other dancer, Nicole Prevail, was not present when the bashing occurred, police said.

Too bad police didn’t write down their work aliases. Then you could probably check them out on the club’s Web site…the girls’ photos and schedules are included. Hmph.

Dancers Ranch has earned its reputation as the “dive joint” of Cedar Rapids’ night life (that reputation is backed up by online reviews, mind you — I wouldn’t know *rolls eyes*). Last September, a stripper nearly bit the end of another dancer’s finger off during an argument there. Just FYI.

A simple shopping trip with her college roommate landed Erin Dix, 18, in University Hospitals with very serious injuries after being run over in the parking lot of the Wilson Avenue Hy-Vee on Tuesday night. The culprit — a drunken driver.

I thought I should share a comment left on my story by a family member:

While Mr. Sarchett waits to see if he’ll get more charges against him, Erin lays in the burn unit at the University of Iowa hospital fighting the pain of Mr. Sarchett’s stupid mistake.
She suffers from many cuts and lastrations, severe burns from battery acid, a clasped lung, 2 fractures on her lower back, bruised intestines, cuts on her liver…the list of injuries go on and on. She will have a long road to recovery and in excruciating pain.
Thoughts and prayers for Erin’s quick recovery would be greatly appreciated by Erin and her family.
We are hoping for a speedy recovery for you, and can’t wait to see you out of the hospital!
-the Dix Family

Jon Sarchett never had a drunken driving arrest before, according to court records. He actually hadn’t gotten into any trouble with the law since 1997, when he was charged with open container.

It’s a shame that Erin has to pay for his “stupid mistake.” I will try to bring you more about her and her roommate, Brianne Hanson (who, on a side note, went to Woodbury Central High School in Moville, just minutes from my hometown of Sioux City).

Cedar Rapids police Officer Garry Idle is STILL out from the job after he was attacked nearly a month ago on Interstate 380. 

Idle stopped 27-year-old Derek Robinson of Cedar Rapids, who police were looking for after his supposed involvement in a domestic disturbance in southwest Cedar Rapids earlier that night. Robinson and Idle fought for about 2 minutes before backup arrived.

Idle’s supervisor, Capt. Glen Fox, said Idle tore his ACL and another leg muscle, received a hairline fracture in a leg bone and is still recovering his eyesight. Fox said he hopes to have him back soon. Robinson is facing a felony charge of assault with intent to injure a police officer.

For those of you interested in knowing all the sordid details of scandalous crimes, here’s a short timeline of how Daniel Dostart and Jamie Mortimer fell in love, then fell apart. Eventually, he wanted her dead.

May 1983 — Daniel Dostart and Jamie Mortimer graduate from Waterloo East High

April 1984 — Dostart joins the U.S. Air Force

September 1986 — Dostart and Mortimer marry, eventually move to New Mexico

February 1990 — First child, Alexa, born

February 1992 — Last child, Aaron, born

1994 — The Dostart’s buy a house in Davenport

2002-2003 — Daniel Dostart is twice officially commended for his recruiting efforts

January 2004 — Daniel Dostart files for divorce, Jamie is awarded custody of the children and nearly 40 percent of Daniel’s military pension in addition to child support

March 2004 — Daniel Dostart and Tamara Beltramea sign contract to buy home at 205 16th Ave. Ct. in Hiawatha

July 2004 — Jamie Dostart files for temporary protection from domestic abuse and is granted temporary custody of their children

August 2004 — Protective order dismissed

January 2005 — Daniel Dostart retires from the Air Force in rank of Master Sergeant

April 2005 — The Dostart’s divorce proceedings are completed

July 2005 — Daniel Dostart marries Beltramea, the two later move into their Hiawatha home with her two children

February 2006 — Jamie Dostart marries Gary Kluever, the two settle in Bettendorf with Alexa and Aaron Dostart

May 2006 — Daniel Dostart’s appeal in the divorce proceedings is heard in the Iowa District Court of Appeals, arguments between the two on credit card payments owed continue into 2007

July 14 — Daniel Dostart calls a friend in Idaho and asks if he knows anyone who would kill his ex-wife

July 15 — Dostart’s friend calls Hiawatha police to tell them of Dostart’s plan

July 17 — Police follow Dostart as he drives around Bettendorf to find Jamie Dostart Kluever’s home and workplace

July 18 — Dostart mails the friend a key to Jamie Dostart Kluever’s car, a copy of an expired driver’s license with Jamie’s photo on it and a hand-drawn map to her workplace.

July 21 — A federal arrest warrant is issued for Dostart, he appears in court for the first time the next day


A few times today, there was a police officer standing on top of the 8th Street SE bridge over the northbound lanes of I-380 running radar on the cars below. There were officers farther up pulling people over like crazy. I’ve heard higher-ups in the department talking on numerous occasions about how they need to stop the excessive speeding through town, and that they’re figuring out better ways of catching people.

So keep it below 65 miles per hour when you’re driving through town, a’ight? It’s the safe thing to do, anyway 🙂 And you never know, the speed traps will probably be back.

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