Salena Glover, 24, was fired Thursday night from her dancing job at Dancers Ranch after an argument, police said. She apparently returned later with a hammer to drive her point home and bashed out another dancer’s windshield.

Glover, of Cedar Rapids, is being charged with second-degree criminal mischief for the incident in the strip club’s parking lot at 3000 Sixth St. SW. The other dancer, Nicole Prevail, was not present when the bashing occurred, police said.

Too bad police didn’t write down their work aliases. Then you could probably check them out on the club’s Web site…the girls’ photos and schedules are included. Hmph.

Dancers Ranch has earned its reputation as the “dive joint” of Cedar Rapids’ night life (that reputation is backed up by online reviews, mind you — I wouldn’t know *rolls eyes*). Last September, a stripper nearly bit the end of another dancer’s finger off during an argument there. Just FYI.


Cedar Rapids police Officer Garry Idle is STILL out from the job after he was attacked nearly a month ago on Interstate 380. 

Idle stopped 27-year-old Derek Robinson of Cedar Rapids, who police were looking for after his supposed involvement in a domestic disturbance in southwest Cedar Rapids earlier that night. Robinson and Idle fought for about 2 minutes before backup arrived.

Idle’s supervisor, Capt. Glen Fox, said Idle tore his ACL and another leg muscle, received a hairline fracture in a leg bone and is still recovering his eyesight. Fox said he hopes to have him back soon. Robinson is facing a felony charge of assault with intent to injure a police officer.

“The story is all wrong,” former FEMA housing inspector Vince Koley called yesterday to tell me. “Tom Kramer is not what he’s cracked up to be. He’s lying.”

Vince Koley

Koley, 74, is accused of hitting Kramer, a Penford Products employee, with a golf club during an argument last Thursday and trying to run him over with his vehicle. He takes the most umbrage at the police reporting he actually told Kramer “I don’t have to slow down, I’m with FEMA” during their confrontation at the 10th Avenue SW crosswalk outside the plant. “I never said that,” he said.

But the golf club, well, that happened. “He was coming toward me, not walking away,” Koley said.

Two messages he left me yesterday morning, though…interesting. “Ran into somebody, laugh for the day, he said to me ‘Are you that famous FEMA inspector? You should be on the David Letterman show.’ I said, ‘No, I don’t like David Letterman. I want to be on the Jay Leno show.’ You may not think that’s funny but that’s my type of humor.”

“Any way you could do an article on me like a Barbara Walters interview? … Listen, I had a thought. If we just put it on the Internet and not in the local paper, we can explain what really happened, like what really happened from the horse’s mouth, some catchy title we can put on. We can charge for each hit, to pay for some of the damages I’m suffering.” It’s true, Koley did lose his job over the incident.

I feel for the guy, but we’re not Dateline NBC. We couldn’t afford to pay people to talk to us if we wanted to. Yet they still talk.

Kramer hasn’t returned my phone messages yet.

(P.S. — This pic was snapped on the go by the Cedar Rapids PD. Since our jail is closed here, we haven’t had access to mug shots. How sad.)

Diona England was NOT pleased when the 32 ounce cup of Wild Cherry Pepsi she was holding between her legs started sloshing all over her lap in the Taco Bell drive-thru on Marion Boulevard. She became upset because the lid “wasn’t on tight enough” when it was given to her, according to a report filed with Marion police May 12. England, 29, started swearing at employee Kristina Wyatt and assistant manager Amy Brewster and threw the cup through the drive-up window, police said, splashing them with leftover pop. Nevertheless, they gave England her $8 back for the food. They took down her license plate number as she drove away.

Days later, England was arrested for assault. The moral to this story — put your pop in your car’s drink holders. Seriously. Your lap wasn’t made to hold spillable liquids.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, about 18 drunken drivers and 25 people charged with public intoxication were booked into the Linn County Jail. I’ve always found it amusing that many feel the need to celebrate our country’s landmark holidays by getting drunk and causing trouble.

Mostly people were being rowdy at the bar or at home, nothing new there. But two Cedar Rapids men took the celebratory mood a bit farther. Chad Teslick, 28, decided on Monday that he wanted to trash the new Volkswagen dealership on Blairs Ferry Road in Marion. Police said he broke the glass window out of a door in the dealership’s service area and took a van, plowing it through the closed garage door and then damaging several vehicles in the lot. He was arrested for third-degree burglary and public intoxication. The dealership opened its doors little more than a month ago.

On Saturday, Jeffrey Gremm got into a fight with his Century Cabs driver, Thair Alterbal, as Alterbal was taking him to Marion. In the area of 10th Street and Seventh Avenue, police said Gremm, 44, punched Alterbal while he was driving, and Alterbal punched him back. Gremm ran from the car, but Alterbal caught him and they started fighting again. Gremm was arrested on charges of assault causing bodily injury, fifth-degree theft (for not paying his $20+ cab fare) and, you guessed it, public intoxication.

Here are some quick updates on what’s happening with juveniles involved in Wellington Heights fights and assaults:

Remember the group of boys who allegedly attacked 24-year-old Alexander Morwood near Third Avenue and 15th Street SE on Jan. 10? They broke his jaw, and he was hospitalized for surgery. The oldest of the group members, Xavier Hicks, will be 18 on April 29. His case was transferred to adult court, where he is facing a felony charge of willful injury and a misdemeanor charge of assault causing bodily injury. He is set to go to trial June 9. Two other boys involved — Maxwell Woods, 17, and Tracy Traylor, 15, both admitted to juvenile charges of assault causing bodily injury and were placed in residential treatment. Another boy’s file was closed.

Another boy accused of involvement in the March 30 brouhaha in the 1600 block of Second Avenue SE has been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct — Gabriel D. Taylor, 15, of 420 15th St. SE. Police said Taylor was screaming obscenities, trying to incite a fight and threatening police officers attempting to break things up. I haven’t seen any formal charges filed yet against the boy originally arrested, Jahmal Ginger. It sounded like the bunch of people with sticks and shovels showed up at his house to start the fight, so it probably wasn’t his fault…

And, last but not least, 15-year-old Damia Cungtion is accused in juvenile court of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon for using a baseball bat to bash another girl’s head March 22 outside of Cungtion’s home at 1417 Fifth Ave. SE. BTW, that is the home of Delinda Morgan, where Chicago-area murder suspect Javon Dockery was arrested two days before this assault.

Other than that, the neighborhood’s beautiful as always!

I have never seen such packs of teens and even 11- and 12-year-olds who roam the streets like the ones in my neighborhood, Wellington Heights. Of course, I grew up in a quiet part of Sioux City, which is pretty small. But I have enough reporting experience to know that when activity like that is afoot, gang and drug activity isn’t too far behind it.

Take the large fight in the 1600 block of Second Ave. SE on Tuesday night as an example. The fight broke out in front of Tasha Stamps’ house and involved her oldest son, Jahmal, and other kids he knew at Washington High School. Stamps called me today to tell me that this large group of kids, some with sticks and shovels, came on to her property to goad Jahmal into fighting them. “It’s probably some petty reason they don’t like my son,” she said. Which is true — kids can be awfully stupid. “I work for what I need and what my kids need, and if these kids don’t have the same things he does it’s not his fault, or mine,” she said.

Stamps runs Tasha’s Hair Salon on First Avenue. Her sons, she said, are into sports. They aren’t the type who usually get into trouble. Their family didn’t have these kind of problems when they lived in the southwest quadrant, she said. “What is he supposed to do when they come up on our steps? He had to protect himself,” Stamps said. Jahmal ended up being the only one who got arrested in the fight. Nothing happened to the kids who provoked it in the first place.

Another Wellington Heights resident e-mailed me today and told me this is a pretty common occurrence in the neighborhood. But why? If they’re just kids, why haven’t police done anything about it? How did this kind of intimidation become such a huge problem?

Check The Gazette for more on this issue next week.

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