Spencer Blakey’s brother thinks so.

Blakey, 45, was stabbed twice in the left side at his girlfriend, Shelly Marquette’s, apartment at Raintree Apartments, 4850 16th Ave. SW, last Tuesday. Police believe it was possibly a domestic situation, and they are still looking for her to talk to her about the incident. No arrest warrant has been issued. She has been gone for a week.

Stan Blakey of Cedar Rapids, Spencer’s older brother, called me today very upset because he said detectives told him they were “mad” he talked to The Gazette about Marquette’s connection to the stabbing. “Why are they so up in arms about me bringing this to the public’s attention? You’d think they’d want to work together with the newspaper and the TV stations to find suspects,” he said. “That’s crazy. My brother damn near died.” Spencer was released from the hospital on Friday, but is still recovering.

He said other black people he knows in the community from church and elsewhere have noticed the relative difference between this case and that of Thomas Horvath, shot to death outside the same apartment complex April 15. Jacovan Bush, 19, of Fairfax, was arrested the day after Horvath’s shooting. Horvath is white; Bush is black. But in this case, Spencer Blakey — the victim — is black. Marquette is white. Otherwise, the circumstances are about the same, he said. “A couple of my friends who are also black said ‘If it was you or me who stabbed him, we’d be in jail right now.’ If this isn’t racial, then why aren’t they doing something about it, why aren’t they saying anything?”

He also pointed out that Nancy Listman, former Science Station accountant, was put on probation for stealing more than $300,000 from the business, and that “someone else he knew” was convicted of a couple thousand dollar forgery charge and sentenced to 5 years in prison. However, after an Iowa courts search, I found Stan Blakey himself served 85 days of that 5-year forgery sentence. Regardless of his past convictions, I can understand where he’s coming from — her crime was a likely more serious. What do you think?


I was at the scene of Tuesday night’s stabbing at the Raintree Apartments before officers even put up the caution tape. Let me tell you — the intensity of what you sometimes see in these situations can be shocking. Some things you will never be prepared for.

As I pulled into the driveway of the apartment complex at 4900 16th Ave. SW, the ambulance rushed past me with Spencer Blakey inside. I got out of my car to look at where Blakey had stood waiting for an ambulance, bleeding from a stab wound to his left side. In front of the apartment where he asked for help, a large pool of blood was being soaked up by a towel. The concrete was stained red. Blood smeared the front of the door.

The woman who lives in that apartment with her husband and their baby was clearly upset. She said she took her kid over to its babysitter’s house to “get it out of the negative environment,” and her husband was taken down to the police station for questioning. With tears in her eyes, she stood on the curb across the street watching officers walk in and around her house, collecting evidence.

Clearly, covering such events requires empathy and compassion when you are dealing with people who unwittingly end up in the middle of such a tragedy, and even more so when dealing with the victims and their families. Just imagining what these people have gone through and seeing its aftermath takes its toll on everyone related — police officers, emergency responders, neighbors and (believe it or not) the members of the media who cover the situation. I will NEVER forget some things I’ve seen. Never.

In the paper, we usually don’t show you graphic representations of what the scene looked like. But this is a space where I can share that with you, in hopes you can come to understand that this produces real devastation, so you can see it on a human level. This is no movie.

(Photos by Jonathon D. Woods)

It seems Jessica Mikarovski, 23, of 110 Harbet Ave. NW, Apt. 5, is a common denominator in two serious assaults that occurred this year in Wellington Heights — even though the incidents aren’t connected, police said.

In late January, 38-year-old Nathaniel Thompson was shot outside her then-residence at 520 Cobban Ct. SE. Last week, she was arrested for attacking Jeremy Frazier, 21, with a knife inside a car in the 400 block of 16th Street SE.

Police had no updates on the Thompson shooting for me, except that he’s now out of the hospital. No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. Frazier has also been released from the hospital.

Other than this assault and another minor one, courts records reveal she has been convicted of disorderly conduct and small-time theft. And that’s all, folks.

UPDATE: A charge of disorderly conduct for the fight in the car was filed Monday against Jeremy Frazier, so police obviously must feel he had a hand in the whole situation.