School threats

Apparently, Younk sent his girlfriend 35 text messages before the University of Northern Iowa lockdown Tuesday night, according to Black Hawk County court records. The documents didn’t spell out exactly what he said, but the jist was that he was intoxicated, just bought a gun and was going to come to Waterloo.

No one but Todd knows what was going through his head. But, anyway, that’s a lot of messages to send in a short time. It would probably make my mailbox shut down. And, you know, scare the bejeezus out of me.


Younk, 18, of Windsor Heights, was charged with first-degree harassment yesterday in connection with the lockdown at the University of Northern Iowa. The Roosevelt High School senior apparently sent several text messages to his girlfriend who goes to school there, threatening to come to campus and harm her, likely with weapons. What he said scared her enough to alert police.

Todd Younk’s Myspace photo

 While we were looking for information on Younk’s background, I ran across his Myspace page. What I found on there was…interesting. But how he portrays himself on there isn’t really indicative of a potential killer.

He lists his hometown as Oelwein. He’s a “really sexy” Libra with “poofy curly dark blond hair”. He likes Ben Folds and hanging out with his friends; he doesn’t want kids. He also says he doesn’t drink or smoke, but the headline on his page says, “I like my cocaine with tequila.” And judging from some comments left on his page, he apparently likes to smoke marijuana. A LOT. Here’s a sample:

“dude me and my brother need to hit one of you dudes’ roor, we dont have nug but we need smoked up we will give trades and are good for ittttt”

The only slightly odd this is his listing in the “Heroes” field — “I hate people.” Well,  so do I sometimes.